In all truthfulness, YháWright Productions! began when Founder, Yhá Mourhia Wright was talking to her imaginary friends named Shonna, Rhonna & Maleeka. Oh, come on! She was six years old! 

Most recently, Yhá Mourhia graduated with her MFA in Acting from The Actors Studio Drama School in NYC. While studying in the three year program, she had the opportunity to function as a Playwright and Actor in the program. She developed original plays such as Sins Have Come and Détroit: Across The Tracks. During her last year, she also had the opportunity to participate in on year of Screenwriting coursework and developed her first feature film screenplay entitled Small Windows. 

The rest has been a merge of the past and present, a merge of both entertaining content and lifestyle and beauty content. All with the purpose of creating work that gives voices to those circles who don't fit in the squares. Or, the squares that don't fit into the circles -- you get the picture. <3